The 3 Highs

Diabetes (High Sugar), High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol are the new “Public Enemies” of Singaporeans’ health.

Chronic Diseases

Majority of the chronic diseases can be very well-controlled, and freedom can be regained with the right treatment.

Acute Diseases

Occasional flu, stomach upset, headache etc. can be disruptive to your wonderful life, we are here to solve your suffering.

Cancer & Health Screening

Regular cancer & health screening remains the most effective way of getting into any serious health trouble.


Vaccination is the most effective and safest way to strengthen your immune system against deadly infectious diseases.

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Opening Hours

  • Mon - Friday: 8am to 2pm & 5pm to 8:30pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 2pm
  • Sunday and PHs: Closed

Telemedicine and Medication Delivery/Pick up

Minor illness consultation, stable chronic disease follow up, screening result explanation can now be done via smartphone, with medications delivered to your doorstep!

For full information, please check out our telemedicine page.

All Government & Major Corporate Healthcare Subsidy Schemes

360 Clinic Supports Cashless Payment

About 360 Clinic

360 Clinic is a patient-centered clinic. We are committed to deliver one stop, high-quality care for the 3 –Highs, Chronic diseases and Acute diseases to the community.

Our clinic doctors and staffs pay additional attention to all patients and always aim to deliver superior clinic visit experience, whenever you need medical assistance.

Disease Education