Telemedicine and medication delivery / pick-up

Telemedicine is Suitable For:

  • Mild acute illnesses, such as flu, migraine, diarrhea, skin condition etc.
  • Stable chronic illness follow up.
  • Explanation of health screening report.

Telemedicine is Not Suitable For:

  • Urgent acute illnesses, such as chest pain, breathlessness, severe abdominal pain, coma, trauma, numbness etc.
  • First visit of any newly diagnosed chronic illnesses.
  • Chronic illness patients that have yet to achieve treatment target.

Healthcare subsidy schemes that covers telemedicine:

Simple steps to utilize telemedicine at home

  • Any smart phone with 4G/5G or broadband WIFI connection
  • Download the app “eHealthAssist” from Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)
  • Fill in the registration and verification.
  • Click “Tele-Medicine” on the App first page
  • Key in “ 360 Clinic” in the search bar, and select the branch at “407, Ang Mo Kio Ave.10, 01-749”
  • Click “ Proceed”, and select the doctor you would like to consult.
  • Click “ Tele-Medicine Request” and confirm your request
  • Upload the front and back of your ID for the first time user.